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Lily Pad Early Learning Center

Our mission is to provide innovative preschool education for families and their children ages 6 weeks to 6 years old. Creating a reliable place where children feel safe and respected; a place where they have freedom to learn through active participation and expression of their own ideas and curiosity.

Michelle & Dean Stalder - Founders

Our Philosophy

Lily Pad Early Learning Center believes that a child learns best by doing what all children do best; play. We follow a blend of traditional learning and fostering self expression. Along with our guided curriculum, children are asked to explore their own emergent curriculum ideas. Here at Lily Pad we strive to develop strong thinking skills, problem solving tactics, and a more concrete sense of self to support their social-emotional side. We encourage children to work together using a dialogue of comparisons, negotiations and other interpersonal skills. We want children to see themselves as an individual belonging to the group with a balance of personal needs to the needs of others being met. We hope to grow each child's imagination and nurture their engagement with the world around them. Supporting families in raising strong children that can tackle the future.

Interested in a tour?

If you would like to tour our school and to discover if we are the right fit for you and your child,

you can text registration to 530-305-7700 and we will send you our preregistration form that is tailored to help us best serve you!

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