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"Don't be a fish; be a frog.

Swim in the water and jump when you hit ground."

                                             -Kim Young-ha

Lily Pad's Educational Approach

Lily Pad Early Learning Center uses HighScope as the back bone to our curriculum based portions of the day. HighScope is consistent with the best practices recommended by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and Head Start Program Performance Standards. HighScope is a developmentally appropriate practice based program with unique features. One is the daily plan-do-review sequence. This sequence helps children to develop the mental building blocks that support them in K-12 along through adulthood. HighScope has eight main categories that correspond to state and national learning standards: Approaches to Learning; Social and Emotional Development; Physical Development and Health; Language, Literacy, and Communication; Mathematics; Science and Technology; and Social Studies. HighScope is best known for the HighScope Perry Preschool Project Study which examined the benefits of early childhood education. In addition to benefits gained from children attending preschool, higher quality programs were in turn linked to better developmental outcomes for children.

Along with the HighScope educational approach, Lily Pad Early Learning Center supplements additional curriculum from Handwriting Without Tears to better prepare children for Kindergarten. Handwriting Without Tears is a multisensory handwriting program with the idea that if you work with children's natural developmental abilities and  teach them in ways that they connect with then the skills of handwriting can be learned without fuss or fight.  Handwriting Without Tears was created by an occupational therapist as a program that would pay attention to the developmental needs of a child learning to write. This program allows us to teach handwriting alongside other subjects. Many letter lessons and writing activities connect handwriting to math, social studies, language arts, and science. We provide parents with the programs assessments that  track handwriting progress in the classroom and support your instruction for year round handwriting success.

Lily Pad Early Learning Center also works closely with Placer County Office of Education to insure that all of our classrooms properly met environmental rating scales to provide the safest and most functional spaces for growing minds. We also utilize the Ages and Stages Questionnaire to provide families with a comprehensive view of where their child is landing along the developmental growth spectrum. As an added teacher tool, all of our classrooms have tablets that allow teachers to easily get a hold of parents and are equipped with an app called Kaymbu. Kaymbu is a teacher documentation system designed to capture the essence of classroom activities and strengthen relationships between school and home. Our teachers use Kaymbu to take photos, record videos, build storyboards of important classroom moments and send out your child's weekly curriculum. 


Interested in a tour?

If you would like to tour our school and to discover if we are the right fit for you and your child,

you can text registration to 530-305-7700 and we will send you our preregistration form that is tailored to help us best serve you!

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