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A Glimpse at Lily Pad

Lily Pad Early Learning Center has two facilities for families to choose from. Our first school is located in Historic Old Town Auburn. This facility has four classrooms serving children ages 6 weeks through 6 years.

Our Loomis facility is the newest addition to Lily Pad and opened its doors in January of 2021. Loomis is a wholesome farm style preschool with wide open space for running, chickens and a bountiful garden. Loomis serves children ages 2 years through 6 years with three classrooms.

Both our Auburn and Loomis locations follow the same educational philosophy, but offer different environments for outdoor play. 

Infant & Toddler Rooms

Our infant-toddler room serves children aged 6 weeks to 2 years. This room has a more relaxed daily schedule to better cater to the needs of infants. Teachers provide guardians with daily notes after each school day so families can stay informed.

Preschool Rooms

Our preschool room serves children aged 2 years to 4 years. Our preschool room is where our children learn to potty train and begin to start those crucial lessons around cooperative play and social emotional interactions.

Prekindergarten/TK Rooms

Our prekindergarten room serves children aged 3.5 years to 6 years. Our prekindergarten room has the most structured routine to help prepare these children for their educational career. Children are encouraged to show self expression doing tasks that prepare them school.


Our courtyard is the meeting point for all the classrooms in Auburn. We have been working hard to develop and outdoor classroom in this space. The preschool and prekindergarten classes use this space most in the mornings and evenings. The infants and toddlers also enjoy this space mid-day for active play and outdoor curriculum.


Located at the end of our drive, our playground is a gross motor paradise. We have many climbing areas including a rock wall, tire tower and a standard slide play set. We also encourage children to explore the mud kitchen, sand pit and music wall. 


The outdoor space in Loomis is unique. In addition to a large grass area for running, the space has a chicken coop, garden and two separate play structures to meet the gross motor abilities of all children. Upcoming plans include adding more animals for the children to care for.

What our families are saying..

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Amy Marsh - Roseville Unified School District

This guy entered T-K with confidence, joy -the absolute definition of well adjusted. Thanks in large part for the efforts, love, and dedication of the amazing ladies of Lily Pad Early Learning Center. Teacher Miss Jenae, Teacher Miss Paris, and phenomenal boss women Miss Kelsey and Miss Michelle. Those people invested their knowledge, wisdom, love, patience, skills ect to prepare Vik for a successful future experience. Great communicators, nurturers, and boundary setters, they have blessed us beyond words. Thank you times infinity. The Batovs love and cherish you forever!

Tia Johnson - Placer County Office of Education

Interested in a tour?

If you would like to tour our school and to discover if we are the right fit for you and your child,

you can text registration to 530-305-7700 and we will send you our preregistration form that is tailored to help us best serve you!

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